University and professional masters


Master’s programs respond to the training needs of both new graduates or those who, already active in the workplace, want to expand their skills on specific issues.

University master’s programs are pre-experience programs, focused on deepening both general and specific knowledge related to a particular application area, business function or economic sector of reference and are intended for CESMA graduates or bachelor’s or master’s graduates, preferably no longer than 2 years.

Professional masters are post-experience programs and are intended for professionals interested in developing specific skills for professional updating or progression.

The programs are based on the quality of teaching and the experience of CESMA faculty, always at the forefront of research and in close contact with employers. The continuous interaction with students and the various activities (case studies, company visits, testimonials, workshops) in which theoretical training and practical application are integrated are the foundations of the educational path of the masters.

The classes are composed of selected students, with different backgrounds coming from different tertiary pathways, in Switzerland and abroad: this allows to live in a stimulating atmosphere and to have an experience of personal even before professional growth.

Students acquire a set of immediately marketable skills through a mix of theory and practice that allows graduates an excellent professional placement.


Master’s programs


〉 MAD Program start in April 2022

Deadline for applications: 25th March 2022.


A.A. 2021/2022

Master in Audio Design for Visuals and Games

Professional Master Diploma

Limited enrollment (Dossier)

60 Credits

12 months

Online Classes + Summer Workshop (on site or online)


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